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Operation Pictures - Pg. 1
Road Crew - Picture #1
Courtesy Eleanor Eilenberger

This picture was given to me by Farmer Jenning's daughter, Mrs. Eleanor Eilenberger. This is the crew that built the road leading from the cable terminal to marathon. I believe Farmer is in the middle, leaning up against the water barrel. I don't know who the road engineer is. I'd imagine it's either the old guy next to farmer with the kerchief around his neck, or the younger gentleman holding the tea cup to Farmer's left.

Tea cup? With a saucer? This is the middle of the desert, around 1907! Farmer said the road engineer only spoke German and Spanish, making him a good candidate for being born in Europe. Maybe that explains the refined culture. Still, it's odd, don't you think? And look at the way he's holding it; between his thumb and forefinger. Could he be the road engineer?

Also note the Mexican labor is nowhere to be scene. A sign of the times?

Also notice the hats. Starting from the left: a boater; the kind of hat worn by Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; and a hat like that worn by Festus in Gunsmoke. These guys are the real deal.

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