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To The Old Ore Terminal
1 Beginning the Hike
2 The sign at the Trail Head
3 Walking Up the Wash
4 The Last Trail Sign
5 Starting the Trail
6 Looking Back over the Rio Grande Flood Plain

7 First Ore Bucket

8 Walking up and Down Hills
9 Heartbreak Hills
10 The Last Standing Tower
11 View from Last Standing Tower
12 Looking Back Where You Came

13 The View to Boquillas

14 First View of the Old Ore Terminal
15 Old Ore Terminal!
Hiking Back
16 The Last Tower
17 Trail Heading Away
18 Pretty View
19 Water
20 Post Hike
9 - Heartbreak Hills
10:10 am
605 ft <-- -->

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This seemed to be the hardest part of the trail. I think you're actually going around a hill instead of going up and over it (which to my mind may be easier because it could be shorter). The trail gets hard to follow and if anyone in your party is going to lose their cool out of exhaustion and frustration, this is when they'll do it.

I didn't take any pictures, I jut put one foot after the other, for what seemd like hours, but I suppose it was only for 60 – 90 minutes.

I wish I had, because there is a feature in the trail that I've been wondering about. This part of the trail goes up draws—little valleys where two hills intersect. According to one of the history books you can get in bookstores, the Ore Terminal trail follows the supply trail for the aerial tramway.

It looks to me like someone laid flat rocks into little stairs every now and then. There may be 2 – 4 flat rocks in some places. It's really hard to miss and I didn't notice them on my first hike up the Ore Terminal trail.

So my question is this: did workers in fact place rocks to act like little stairs in rough spots to make it easier to walk?

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