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To The Old Ore Terminal
1 Beginning the Hike
2 The sign at the Trail Head
3 Walking Up the Wash
4 The Last Trail Sign
5 Starting the Trail
6 Looking Back over the Rio Grande Flood Plain

7 First Ore Bucket

8 Walking up and Down Hills
9 Heartbreak Hills
10 The Last Standing Tower
11 View from Last Standing Tower
12 Looking Back Where You Came

13 The View to Boquillas

14 First View of the Old Ore Terminal
15 Old Ore Terminal!
Hiking Back
16 The Last Tower
17 Trail Heading Away
18 Pretty View
19 Water
20 Post Hike
5-Starting the Trail
9:05 am

60 Ft.

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The trail doesn't get much better than this. At many places, you're not really sure there is a trail, or where it turns. Look for the rock cairns (piles of rocks) that were placed by other people to show you the way. Notice the rocks on the right of the picture. While this cairn isn't typical (most are more obviously stacked), it is clear that someone stacked these rocks; nature didn't put them there like that.

Fortunately, the major twists and turms seemed to be marked by larger rock cairns , to attract your attention.

You should have seen the cable snaking along the ground by now, or will shortly. Within a half hour or so, you'll turn away from it.

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