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To The Old Ore Terminal
1 Beginning the Hike
2 The sign at the Trail Head
3 Walking Up the Wash
4 The Last Trail Sign
5 Starting the Trail
6 Looking Back over the Rio Grande Flood Plain

7 First Ore Bucket

8 Walking up and Down Hills
9 Heartbreak Hills
10 The Last Standing Tower
11 View from Last Standing Tower
12 Looking Back Where You Came

13 The View to Boquillas

14 First View of the Old Ore Terminal
15 Old Ore Terminal!
Hiking Back
16 The Last Tower
17 Trail Heading Away
18 Pretty View
19 Water
20 Post Hike
19 - Water
3:55 pm
64 ft <-- -->

Well, there's not much new to see; you've already seen the highights, you're just backtracking now. It took us 3 ½ hrs to finish the trail once we left the Ore Terminal. The view is just as stunning going back as it was going up.


What I do have here is a shot from the bladders of our hydration systems, with the water we had left at the end of the hike. They were full at the beginning of the hike. The one on the left was my wife's and it held 70 ounces. Mine on the right holds 100 ounces. See how little water is left? And this was in February! I'd be carrying more water if hiked in hotter months.


As we came back, I made sure to offer my wife water every 5 to 10 minutes because I was worried about her getting dyhdrated. Good thing, because we both think she was suffering from the effects of dehydration early on in the hike and I didn't catch them because it was within the first hour and it wasn't hot. Morale of the story: bring plenty of water and sip it frequently. I've heard the advice that if you're thirsty, you're too late.

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