September 26, 2004

Article by Carlos Moser

Another great find...looking through the index for Mines and Minerals from 1910-1911, I found an article about the Puerto Rico mine written by Carlos Moser himself! There's a little history of the mine, physical description, economic conditions, and that he built the tramway. Pictures of the mine, too!

This is really exciting. I'm finally getting the story of the mine. The first article looks like it was written by Leschen brothers, who built the tramway. The second is from the main man himself. This is really great.

Posting coming soon!

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September 21, 2004

An Article About the Del Carmen Mine

Just a quick post because I'm excited about this: I've dug up a citation to the Del Carmen Mine and the three ways they haul the ore over land, written in 1911.

I'll post the article when I finally dig it up; it's in a bound volume in Library storage. This is the first article I've found about the mine and tramway from the time period of its operation.

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