October 30, 2005

Satellite Images

Google Earth is an application that maps satellite images over topographical data. I've been using it to find all the places involved in my research on the Ore Terminal, specifically:

- the Mexican terminal
- the Puerto Rico mine
- the ore terminal in BBNP itself
- the road leading away from the ore terminal

Not only has Google Earth recently become a free application, but it contains satellite photography of the northern part of Mexico, which Google Maps did not have for the longest time.

So, for the first, I'm able to see the terminal on the Mexican Side. Here it is:

Satellite image of embarkation terminal on Mexican Side.>

To see the terminal in wider context, here's a shot showing everything from the Puerto Rico mine to the Ore Terminal in Big Bend National Park. Note, the horseshoe looking part of the Rio Grande is Boquillas Canyon. Also, all shots are taken with North facing up.

Overview of tramway and mines.

You can upload these placemarks into your own copy of Google Earth. Here's the file.

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