April 26, 2005

Talking to Dr. Homer Power's Descendent

Dr. Homer Powers was a physician who was working at the Puerto Rico mine when he was kindapped during the Glenn Springs raid.

I had the pleasure of speaking to his grand daughter recently, from Ft. Stockton Texas. She said she didn't know much, because she was a small child when her grandmother lived with her, but here's what she did remember:

Dr. Homer Powers decided to work for the mining company in order to make some money. He was from Rankin Texas and was only working for about six months at the mine when he got kindapped, so I assumed he worked for the International or Alvarado Mining company, and not the Del Carmen Company as the Glenn Springs Raid was in May, 1916, and Carlos Moser had died in March 1915.

Dr. Powers knew the farther he was taken south into Mexico, the more likely he would be killed. One of his captors had a bullet wound, which is probably why they were keeping him alive. Powers' granddaughter said the other captor, "was useless," saying how they were going to die. So, it sounds like Dr. Powers planned their escape.

She said that her grandmother told a story that during the time Powers was held hostage, all the Mexican families near Rankin camped out around their house, presumably to show solidarity with the Powers. Her grandmother felt comforted by that.

Dr. Powers and the others escaped by faking engine trouble in the truck they were driving. The had their captors push the truck, through into reverse, knocked them down, and took their guns.

Dr. Powers returned to Rankin and at one point, became judge in Pecos County. There is (or at least was) a picture of him in the Pecos County Courthouse.

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