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About This Site

I put together this site because I'm fascinated with the Old Ore Terminal and it's aerial tramway. I hope you share my interest and take advantage of the bulletin board to share your enthusiasm.

I hope to tell the story of the Old Ore Terminal and the aerial tramway in articles, talks, and who knows, maybe even a book. The problem is, many of the guidebooks seem to be getting their information from the same source and the material is scant. I've sumarised the story the in the History section.

So, I thought I'd use the power of the Internet to bring other enthusiasts together to help piece together this story.

This thing has lived in my imagination for five years, when my wife and I first hiked the trial. That time, we turned around before we got to the Ore Terminal. Then, in February of 2004, we hiked the trail again and made it. This website came about as a result of that hike.

So look around, watch as we fill in the blank pieces of the story. If you come to Big Bend, maybe you'd like to hike the Ore Terminal trail. Hopefully, this one account will peak your interest. And if you're a descendant of one of the people involved, or if you know parts of the story, please contribute to the bulletin board and share the story with all of us.

All photos were shot using an HP PS733v Photosmart 3.2MP digital camera.

Joel Greenberg
Austin, TX
March, 2004



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